Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until each program is filled.

Accepted students: All of this information (and more) is included in your student packet, which is emailed in the spring.

Parents and teachers: Have different questions than the ones you see below? See the FAQ page specific to parents and teachers of potential MasterWorks students. As always, contact the office at if you need more information!

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I get to MasterWorks?

The nearest airports are in South Bend, IN and Fort Wayne, IN.

Bus or Train
A bus runs from the Chicago airport to the South Bend airport. Bus tickets are available at A train from Millennium Station in Chicago also goes to the South Bend airport (the Northern Indiana Commuter Train). If traveling by any other train or bus, you must arrange your own transportation from the station to Winona Lake.

MasterWorks runs shuttles from the South Bend and Fort Wayne airports ONLY. A $20.00 USD shuttle fee is charged each way.
2014 shuttles run for tech interns on June 11, counselors on June 13, violinists on June 14, and theatre students on June 22.  For all other students, the first shuttle pick-up is noon on June 15, and the last at 8:00 p.m. Please arrange your travel plans accordingly.

By Car
If driving, Winona Lake is easily accessible from Route 30.

You are also welcome to carpool with other students. Check out our MasterWorks Carpool Forum for more instructions.

If you have any extenuating travel circumstances, please contact the MasterWorks Administrator at 888-836-2723 or 574-267-5973.



Where do I live while attending MasterWorks?

Students of the MasterWorks Festival are housed in Grace Collegeís residence halls. Most rooms are designed for two to four students and have private baths. Co-ed living is not permitted at MasterWorks, with the exception of married couples. Off-campus housing is not available. All students are required to reside on Grace's campus.

Can I have my car at MasterWorks?

Yes, students are permitted to have a car on campus. Parking is free, and guidelines are given to drivers upon arrival.

Can I apply to more than one program?

Due to the busy schedule every program maintains, it is impossible for students to be involved with more than one program. However, MasterWorks MasterClasses are open to the whole festival, so students enrolled in a particular program (e.g. Orchestra) are encouraged to attend classes offered by the other programs (e.g. Theatre), provided no schedule conflicts occur with the student's program. Applications are accepted until each program has been filled.

How can I apply to be a student counselor?

If you are a MasterWorks alumnus and are interested in serving as a counselor at the festival, you must apply to your program first. Then, email the MasterWorks Festival Administrator at for more information and for a counselor application. Completed counselor applications are to be submitted to the office in by February 1.

I'm an international student. Is there any special information that I need to know?

  • English proficiency: All correspondence between a prospective student and the MasterWorks Festival office must be done in English. While at the festival, all lessons, MasterClasses, and rehearsals are conducted in English. Translation opportunities are very limited.
  • Payment of tuition and fees: All fees are to be paid in U.S. currency (USD). Money orders, checks from a U.S. bank account, and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) are accepted. Please email if you are having difficulty making a payment. 
  • Visa appointment: Please notify the office 14 business days before your scheduled visa appointment at the appropriate embassy/consulate. Within 14 business days, you'll receive a letter in the mail that must be brought to the appointment. While there, you must obtain a tourist visa. If you require more than a letter, email Failure to give the office ample notification may result in fees incurred at your expense.

If you have further questions, please email

What do you recommend I select for my excerpts?

MasterWorks Festival does not specify which measures or which excerpts should be submitted. Each student should consult his/her personal teacher to determine an appropriate excerpt based on personal playing ability. MasterWorks does not supply students with sheet music for these excerpts. Students should consult music libraries, personal teachers, sheet music vendors, or the websites or for appropriate excerpts.

What are the dining options at MasterWorks?

Grace Collegeís Alpha Dining provides three meals a day for all students. Breakfasts and dinners, as well as Sunday lunches, are optional, allowing students to enjoy the Winona Lake/Warsaw community. Lunches are mandatory Monday through Saturday. Important festival announcements and faculty devotionals are presented at this time.

What does a day at MasterWorks look like?

7:30-8:30 a.m. - Prayer meeting (optional)
8:00-8:30 a.m. - Breakfast (optional)
9:00-11:45 a.m. - Program meetings and rehearsals
12:00-12:30 p.m. - Lunch (required)
12:30-1:00 p.m. - Faculty devotionals (at lunch)
1:00-1:45 p.m. - Quiet time
2:00-5:30 p.m. - Lessons, coaching, practice, recitals, masterclasses, and/or free time
5:30-6:30 p.m. - Dinner (optional)
6:30-8:00 p.m. - Bible study (Monday-Thursday)

Can I have visitors while attending MasterWorks?

Family and friends are welcome to attend rehearsals, concerts, and other festival activities. However, no campus lodging is available for guests. Several fine hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts are in the surrounding areas. Visitors may eat in the Grace College dining hall for a fee. Once accepted, students will be sent information on lodging options for visitors.

Is there a curfew?

Students under the age of 18 must be in their dorms by 11:00 p.m.

What is the weather like in Winona Lake?

Temperatures generally range from 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. However, temperatures in the 90s are not unlikely, especially with humidity. Evenings are cooler. Rain in the afternoons is common.

Winona Lake, IN
Last Updated: Dec 21st 2:35 PM
36° F
Feels Like
30° F
Wind: From SE 7 MPH
Relative Humidity: 75%
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I would like to attend MasterWorks, but Iím too old/young. Should I still apply?

Yes, you may still apply. But please contact the MasterWorks office first to discuss your situation. On a case-by-case basis, MasterWorks considers admitting students who do not fall into the typical age bracket.

What is the history of the MasterWorks Festival?

The MasterWorks Festival is an outreach of the Christian Performing Artistsí Fellowship (CPAF). In the summer of 1997, a total of 55 students attended the first MasterWorks in Houghton, New York. The following year, attendance doubled. In 2002, the festival was moved to Winona Lake, Indiana. By the year 2005, over 200 students and 80 faculty members participated in the festival. In 2004, the first MasterWorks Festival Europe took place in London, England. MasterWorks has also held events in China and Hawaii. Plans for other locations are being made. For more information regarding the history of CPAF, please visit our history page.

How can I support the MasterWorks Festival?

You can support MasterWorks in a number of ways. Consider sponsoring a student, establishing a planned-giving fund, setting up a scholarship fund, or joining Friends of MasterWorks. Please click here for more information.

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