Patricia Mauceri

The Juilliard School. Patricia Mauceri has been blessed to work as a performer for over 30 years. She appeared on Broadway in The National Health replacing Rita Moreno, in Othello with James Earl Jones and Christopher Plummer, and Death And The Maiden performing the role of Paulina with Richard Dreyfuss and Gene Hackman; and in films such as Die Hard With A Vengance, Don Juan De Marco, Donít Say A Word, Boss Of Bosses and Freedomland. She has enjoyed performing in numerous Off-Broadway productions and television episodics such as Royal Pains, Law & Order, Sopranos, 100 Centre Street, Now & Again and Rescue Me. She is most known for her current role as Carlotta Vega, which she created 15 years ago on ABC's One Life To Live. Many thanks to the Lord and her colleagues for the opportunity to direct The Crucible at Masterworks 2007. She was delighted to have served on the Board of Directors of Intermission NY. Patricia attends Times Square Church in New York where she has participated in short term missions to Cuba & Columbia and is part of the Counseling Ministry, Friday Night Ensemble and Military Ministry. She lives in New York with her son, Alexander, and continues to seek the Lord to lead her as He desires so that He may glorify Himself.

Patricia is available for seminars, coaching and mentoring:

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