2015 MasterWorks Festival Fees & Financial Aid


Early Application Fee:
     $50.00 USD (applications completed by February 15)

Application Fee:
     $70.00 USD (applications completed on/after February 16)

Choral Program Application Fee:
     $50.00 USD (deducted from the total tuition due)

*All application fees are non-refundable.

  4 Weeks 3 Weeks 2 Weeks 1 Week 3 Days

Tuition* for the 2015 MasterWorks Festival

Orchestra (Full Session) $3400        
Piano $3400        
Theatre $3400        
String Intensive Study Program (SISP) $3400        
Wind Intensive Study Program (WISP)     $1800    
Vocal Intensive Study Program (VISP)   $2700      
Orchestra (1st or 2nd Sessions)     $1800    
Film Acting       $900  
Choral         $150

All tuition is in US Dollars (USD). These amounts include tuition, lesson fees, coaching fees, and room and board (three meals daily, seven days a week).

*Tuition does not include the application fee

Financial Aid

The MasterWorks Festival awards scholarships based on the student's need, artistic merit, and the programmatic needs of the festival. All scholarships are work-service scholarships, so a certain number of work hours are expected from the student during the festival. Students may work as library, administrative, or technical assistants, or as ushers. Various other activities are available according to qualifications.

If you would like to be considered for financial aid, please mark the appropriate box on the application.  You will be sent a financial aid application once you submit your application.

Financial Aid Process

  1. Indicate on the Application if you are in need of financial aid.
  2. Once you submit your application, the office will send the necessary financial aid forms. All forms should be completed accurately and thoughtfully and returned in a timely fashion to the MasterWorks office. Prompt return of these materials will ensure a direct reply.
  3. Upon receipt of the necessary forms, the Financial Aid Committee will meet to review your application.
  4. You will be sent a letter containing information on the committee’s decision and the amount (if any) of aid to be awarded.
  5. After receiving notification of your assistance, please email the office to confirm acceptance/refusal of the award.
  6. Once confirming acceptance of financial aid to the festival, a non-refundable $300.00 USD deposit is required by April 1 to ensure that the scholarship will be held in your name. The remaining tuition balance is due June 1. We accept checks, money orders, and MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Please do not send cash in the mail. To pay by credit card, you may submit your payment online.

If you have any further questions regarding financial aid or fees, please call the office or email the Festival Administrator at mwfadministrator@christianperformingart.org.


We're excited to provide merit-based fellowships awarded to select MasterWorks Festival students who have achieved an exceptional level of musical performance in their instrument. There is no separate application for the fellowships, and all students who fulfill the eligibility rquirements for each fellowship will automatically be considered. Click on the links below to learn more about each fellowship that we offer.

The Starving Artist

It is our desire that all students be given an opportunity to participate in the MasterWorks Festival regardless of their financial situation. We encourage students to apply for financial aid, but due to limited funds, we encourage students to seek financial assistance elsewhere. Many have sought scholarship aid through organizations, businesses, foundations, youth orchestras, their county, and government. Support has also been raised through the help of friends, family, local churches, benefit performances and church recitals, in which freewill offerings have been taken. This webpage provides a good place to start.

You, too, can find the support you need to participate in the artistic and biblical training we provide. The Starving Artist packet is full of resources and ideas to get your support-raising started. Written by professional fundraisers and supplemented with ideas from MasterWorks alumni, you'll find everything you need to run a successful fundraising campaign--without selling fruit or candy bars!

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MasterWorks Festival 2015

June 14 - July 12
Winona Lake, Indiana